The objective of the Polar Monitoring second task was to examine the definitions of level 1 and level 2 preliminary products listed in the CRISTAL Mission Requirement Document. Thereafter, the associated algorithms necessary to derive the geophysical parameters were identified, and their maturity was discussed. In fact, the choices of level-1 and level-2 processing applied on altimeter measurements are crucial for obtaining the best achievable performances for the mission.

The observation system was also reviewed. Mainly, the altimeter operating modes, the need for a radiometer, the synergy with the future altimeter constellation. The orbit was analysed in a dedicated Contract Change Notice (CCN).

Requirements present in the MRD regarding these aspects have been discussed. A the end of this task the Mission Requirements Document was updated and a new version was released.


The technical note written at the and of this task is available here: PMM_Task2_report_TN2_v3